Royal Security Chauffeur London

“All our security jobs are booked in advance as our team needs time for Route & contingency planning”

Security Chauffeurs Team

At Royal Chauffeurs we Supplying security trained chauffeurs that mostly navigate through UK roads without the need for satellite navigation, as well as taking into account any unforeseen incidents or delays which may arise during the Journey.

Whether you require a Luxury Limousine, SUV or a People carrier our team will make sure multiple itineraries are taken care of and your schedules are met.

All our security Chauffeurs are the Top 5% of all the chauffeurs in London as they are Security vetted and qualified upto Industry Qualification Level 4.

Security Chauffeurs Team

Elements covered during the Chauffeur training include:

- Advanced driving skills
- Escape and evasion techniques (see below)
- Pick up and set down techniques
- Route planning and reconnaissance
- Convoy driving
- Use of non-verbal communications
- Develop Standing Operating Procedures